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TIO Pepe Winery

TIO Pepe Winery

Country: Spain
Wine Maker(s):

Manuel Maria Gonzalez was only 23 years old when he founded and began his business of Growing, Aging and Exporting Wines from Jerez. From the very beginning he sought the guidance of his family and trusted colleagues One of these was Jose Angel de la Peña, his uncle, who knew the art of creatingJerez wines and was affectionately known as “Tio Pepe”.

His uncle taught him the secrets of aging wine and producing the “flower” of sherry wines, which at that time was not exported and was enjoyed only locally or regionally. But “Tio Pepe” convinced his nephew to dedicate himself to “Pale” wines which he was confident had a great future

In 1844 Manuel Maria sent the first shipment of Tio Pepe to England, urging his agent and future partner Robert Blake Byass to try this “very very pale” wine which he had included in the latest shipment. Years later, Manuel Maria dedicated a small bodega to his uncle which had direct access to the street and wrote on one of its casks in chalk “Solera del Tio Pepe”. Jose Angel de la Peña’s friends began to meet at the bodega and enjoy a taste of the wine of “Tio Pepe”. Thus, the most famous brand in Spain and one of the most recognized wines in the world was born. 

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