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Alexander Winery

Alexander Winery

Country: Israel
Wine Maker(s): Yoram Shalom

Alexander winery was founded by winemaker Yoram Shalom in Tel-Aviv in 1996, and was relocated to Beit Yitzhak, a Moshav in Hefer Valley. The winery began as a small family venture but slowly grew into a very successful, highly acclaimed boutique winery. Since the 2006 vintage the winery products are Kosher and in 2007 the wines are also Kosher under the supervision of the “Beit Joseph” organization.

Yoram’s love for wine and winemaking began as a child watching his father, Alexander Shalom, making wine at home. His interest and curiosity to learn and master winemaking developed through reading, experimenting, visiting and consulting vintners and winemakers in Israel and abroad. Finally, his urge and burning desire to make wine overcame him and he decided to switch to full time winemaking. He resigned his position as a photographer with the Israeli Television and became a full time winemaker and a winery owner.

From a hesitant start, his dedication and drive for perfection brought his high quality wines to the public’s attention, becoming highly acclaimed, sought after and known as one of the top quality wineries in Israel as well as abroad. The basic concept that drives Yoram in his commitment to excel in his wine making efforts is to combine traditional and modern wine production concepts with modern, up to date technologies. Thus, his efforts are directed firstly by the belief that the secret of high quality wine begins, first and foremost, with the true expression of the vineyard’s “Terroir”. Convinced that quality grapes are a prerequisite for quality wine production, he looked for special vineyards to serve as sources for his winery. Three vineyards were selected with special attention to their elevation, soil type and depth, slope and slope aspect relative to the sun, wind directions and force, planting density and row direction (Vineyards’ terroir). He also concluded that a successful winemaker must work in full cooperation with the vineyards managers and at the appropriate time take the lead and decide the right decisions in order to obtain the best quality grapes. Additionally, the winery is to be operated in a way to enable the winemaker to “groom and husband”, the high quality grape harvest throughout the wine production processes in a way that ensures a maximal retention of the grape attributes and qualities of the wine. 

Wines from Alexander Winery