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TEAL LAKE Red Moscato

TEAL LAKE Red Moscato

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Our Moscato wine is made from the Muscat of Alexandria grape. In Australia it goes by the name of Gordo. It’s a large round-oval fruit with golden-yellow skin and a very juicy flesh with a sweet, aromatic flavour. In Portuguese and Spanish the meaning of Gordo is “fat” which aptly describes the grape. It prefers a heavier soil as bud burst is late. It has a low vigour canopy allowing more sunlight to penetrate through the canopy.

After being harvested the grapes arrive at around 12.5 Baume. Once crushed, the must is transferred into stainless steel tanks. Each batch of Gordo will have it’s own skin contact allowance, depending on the fruit. Generally up to 6 hours skin contact time. The Gordo is held in tank to allow enzymes to breakdown the skins, to aid in pressing. This process promotes a smoother and easier pressing cycle. Once pressed off the juice is fermented. The fermentation is stopped early and the wine put through a centrifuge to spin out the yeast. Sulphur is added to stop any further fermentation and we arrive at 6-7% alcohol.

To produce the optimal garnet colour of the Teal Lake Red Moscato the winemakers blend some dry Shiraz. This will be performed in bench trials to achieve a mid way point between a Madeira orange and deep garnet hues colour spectrum. Once the winemakers are satisfied with the color the larger blend takes place in preparing for bottling.


Vintage: 2011
UPC: 087752013595


A very ancient variety and, with its strong and distinctive perfume that tends to be sweet and earthy.

Goes well with fruit, cheese and desserts. A splendid, festive wine to complete a meal. Best served chilled.