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Tabor Winery Adama Merlot

Tabor Winery Adama Merlot

Type: Red
Variety: Merlot
Price: $$$20 - $30

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This Merlot plot grew in the Upper Galilee’s Kedesh Valley on Ramot Naftali’s mountain range at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level. A unique climate of temperatures that drop at night and rise at day, make the valley an ideal vineyard growing area. The ground is deep, mineral rich and abundant with volcanic rock giving the wine its unique character. 

Winery: Tabor Winery Brand: Tabor Winery
Variety: Merlot Country: Israel
Sub Region: Galilee Type: Red
Vintage: 2010 Certification: Non-Mevushal
Bottle Size: 750ml Price: $$$20 - $30
Characteristics: Earthy, Fruity, Spicy

This wine has pronounced flavors of black forest fruits, under layered by plums and tobacco. The Upper Galilee Merlot grapes provide the wine with a complexity which combines spicy aromas of Mediterranean herbs in a velvety, elegant body typical to the variety. 

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