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Tabor Tannat Shifon Vineyard

Tabor Tannat Shifon Vineyard

Type: Red
Variety: Tannat
Price: $$$$$50 +

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In 2008, Tabor Winery hosted a cardiologist from the USA, an Israeli who told us an interesting story. While researching antioxidants from different natural materials for heart patients, he discovered an article that links life expectancy in Madiran, France, and specifically to the Tannat grape variety. Tabor Winery started to look into this interesting grape variety and a potential vineyard site in Israel with a suitable climate, as well as tasting many Tannat wines from around the world. In order to extract to best from this variety, the winery choose to plant the Shifon Vineyard in the Golan Heights at 1000 meters above sea level. The vineyard site has a basalt soil and rich in nutrients. The vineyard is planted on a southern slope where it receives sunlight most of the day, together with good drainage to control the vine vigor. Our team experimented with different work methods in order to balance between the variety and terroir. The vineyard was planted in 2009, the first Tannat ever planted in Israel.

Winery: Tabor Winery Brand: Tabor Winery
Variety: Tannat Country: Israel
Sub Region: Upper Galilee Type: Red
Vintage: 2013 Certification: Non-Mevushal
Bottle Size: 750ml Price: $$$$$50 +
Characteristics: Big, Bold, Fruity, Rich
UPC: 087752022191