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SHILOH  Cabernet Sauvignon

SHILOH Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Red
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $$$$30 - $50

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Winery: Shiloh Winery Brand: SHILOH
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon Country: Israel
Type: Red Vintage: 2007
Certification: Mevushal Bottle Size: 750ml
Price: $$$$30 - $50
Characteristics: Earthy, Fruity
UPC: 087752011805

This well crafted dry red wine possesses a unique rich Bordeaux color with sweet aromas, which echoes rich black fruit delicately balanced with charred oak wood.

This wine is full bodied and goes well with steak and heavily sauced meat dishes.