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Matar Cumulus

Matar Cumulus

Type: Red
Variety: Bordeaux Blend
Price: $$$$30 - $50

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As the cloud it’s named for, fluffy and billowy, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Merlot (40%) and Cabernet Franc (20%)

Winery: Matar by Pelter Brand: Matar by Pelter
Variety: Bordeaux Blend Country: Israel
Sub Region: Galilee Type: Red
Vintage: 2014 Certification: Non-Mevushal
Bottle Size: 750ml Price: $$$$30 - $50
Characteristics: Earthy, Rich

A soft texture coupled with a distinct minty flavor and a hint of light spice. The grapes were grown in the Galilee, harvested manually and aged for 14 months in oak barrels.

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