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HERZOG SPECIAL RESERVE  Cabernet /Zinfandel/Syrah

HERZOG SPECIAL RESERVE Cabernet /Zinfandel/Syrah

Type: Red
Variety: Blend
Price: $$$$30 - $50

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Cabernet /Zinfandel/Syrah

Winery: Herzog Wine Cellars Brand: HERZOG
Variety: Blend Country: USA
Sub Region: Napa, Watts, & Edna Valley, California Type: Red
Vintage: 2010 Certification: Mevushal
Bottle Size: 750ml Price: $$$$30 - $50
Characteristics: Big, Fruity, Rich, Smooth
UPC: 087752010006

A blend of berry and cherry notes, with hints of spice. The wine is complex, demonstrates a wonderful balance of flavors and complexity, and displays richness in its body and finish.

Grilled lamb or beef, or chicken cacciatore, or hearty side dishes, such as au gratin of fennel/celery.