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BINYAMINA YOGEV  Cabernet / Petit Verdot

BINYAMINA YOGEV Cabernet / Petit Verdot

Type: Red
Variety: Blend
Price: $$$20 - $30

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Cabernet / Petit Verdot

Winery: Binyamina Winery Brand: BINYAMINA
Variety: Blend Country: Israel
Sub Region: Galilee Type: Red
Vintage: 2010 Certification: Non-Mevushal
Bottle Size: 750ml Price: $$$20 - $30
Characteristics: Fruity, Rich, Smooth
UPC: 087752014066

Deep color and black fruit flavors, hints of desert spices interesting balance between fruitiness and oak influences.

Grilled beef and duck dishes, stews and rich ripe cheeses.