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Zachlawi Fig Arak

Zachlawi Fig Arak

Type: Arak
Price: $$$20 - $30

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There is only one ARAK made with Figs and this is it! This amazingly smooth product provides a gentle Anise flavor with subtle hints of fruit and wood undertones. It maintains a long lingering finish with a slightly spicy mouth feel. Try an amazingly different product. Fig Arak: produced in small batches by hand with figs soaking in alcohol for no less than 120 days.

Distillery: Zachlawi Type: Arak
Country: USA Price: $$$20 - $30
Bottle Size: 750ml

NOSE: Star Anise with a robust medley of botanicals, spices and herbs PALATE: Gentle Anise, fruity, with hints of wood undertone FINISH: Long with a slightly woody and lingering spice finish